”The service must be in the hands of the direct advisor, without intermediaries”

Andreu Fernández

Pre-litigation Tax Advice
Tax Procedure

More about Andreu
After a few years working as a lawyer of the Public Administration in tax matters, in 2007 I joined the firm Crowe Horwath in order to consolidate and manage the team of Tax proceedings and the Information Coordination Centre of the firm. In 2013 I decided to work on my own.

I enjoy examining the cases carefully and defending the interests of my clients in tax litigation and, as I am deeply involved with them, I celebrate every appeal allowed or upheld, almost as much as they do, which encourages me to continue growing professionally. As a counterpart to the demanding aspect of our work, I try to balance it with the occasional practice of sport, especially in the mountains, by reading historical novels, spending time with my family and friends and enjoying the cuisine in all its expressions.

“My vocation is the law and at the time I exercise my profession, my passion grows for what I do since my greatest reward is to see the satisfaction of a client that you have been able to help”

Anna Sánchez González

Family right
Marriage law
Procedures for minors forsaken before the DGAIA

More about Anna
After studying law at the Pompeu Fabra University and at the end of a Master of Specialization, I had the opportunity in 2004 to be selected to take an internship in an office of recognized prestige within family law, the Law Office of Mª José Varela Portela.

Since then I became part of it and I have stayed there for more than 11 years. This has allowed me to acquire a consolidated experience within the sector by giving me the opportunity to access various issues related to the area of ​​law that I really love, family law.

Consolidated my experience after more than 11 years practicing, I made the decision to work on my own and have the opportunity to apply all the knowledge acquired but exercising the profession under the criteria and values ​​in which I really believe.
I consider the personalized, close, attentive and patient treatment with the client to be of the utmost importance when dealing with such personal matters as those involved in my specialization.
I try to achieve maximum involvement in every issue I have and I try to forge a relationship of trust between the lawyer and the client that allows him a peace of mind despite the problems he has in mind.

After a long day of work, my disconnection is to see the face of my son Pol, who with a simple smile gets me to forget everything else and realize that he is the true engine of my life.

”Practical solutions, real needs-oriented”

Jordi Tolós

Tax legal advice

More about Jordi
I graduated in Economics and Business from the University of Barcelona and I got a Master in Tax Consultancy and Management (AGT) by ESADE. I am currently a member of the Spanish Association of Tax Consultants (AEDAF)

Since 1996 I work on tax advice matters, having gained extensive experience in the fields of Company Taxation, Tax advice and National and International Tax Planning, and having executed many business corporate restructurings and tax savings property structures.

I participated as a speaker at several conferences on different topics related to Tax Law.

“I do like the capacity of providing my clients with efficient solutions and adapted to their needs”

Allende Azcárate

Labour Management
Human Resources

More about Allende
My specialisation in the field of labour law began once I completed my law studies at the University of Oviedo in 1999. This election is marked by a long career in the family firm located in those green Asturian lands, with an experience of forty-eight years rendering legal services and advice to small and medium enterprises (SME), which allowed me to acquire a wide training and, experience as well as core values of professionalism and closeness to the client, conditions so needed for the daily advice required by all SMEs. My jump into Barcelona occurred in October 2010, when I joined BDO Spain, a professional services international firm in which I was able to extend my knowledge to more specific needs and dynamics of large international business.

Undoubtedly what I am more passionate about in my job is the optimization of human resources in companies, by combining the most important values for a proper management of working time under the suitability of a remuneration system according to the economic capacity of each of them and thus achieve a lower rate of industrial disputes. After long hours of office I love disconnecting and removing the accumulated tension with a good yoga session, which allows me not only to adopt a good body physical alignment but also to cultivate values being as necessary as confidence, respect, empathy that always get good synergies in all spheres.

”The most important in a lawyers firm is its professional members, not the size of the firm”

Francisco Ramos

Labour Law
Social Security
Labour Procedure

More about Francisco
My professional career began in 2003, in the Labour Department of the law firm Piqué y Abogados Asociados, S.L. and in 2006 I joined the team of labour lawyers of the firm Digestum Servicios Jurídicos, S.L. From 2008 on, I completed my training by working for large audit firms (KPMG and BDO), until I decided to become independent in 2013 and I joined the lawyers’ firm Riba-Vidal Abogados, as responsible for the labour department. I love my profession in all its facets, including teaching, and for that reason I have been teaching for more than ten years at the Centre for Financial Studies in Barcelona (CEF), as a labour law and labour procedure law professor. I love books and practicing any sea-related sports.

”The lawyer must, above all, be empathetic with his client and with what is going around him”

Xavi Saula

Civil and Commercial Procedure
Insolvency Law
New Technologies
Bad debts management and default in payment

More about Xavi
My professional career began in 1998, when I started an internship in the City Council of Barcelona and trained in some small lawyers’ offices. In 2002 I joined the firm Duran-Sindreu, where I led the birth, growth and consolidation of the Departments of Commercial Law, Litigation, Insolvency and Bankrupcty Law and New Technologies Law, which I managed until 2013 by combining these tasks with the exercise of the Bankruptcy Administration. That year I decided to become independent of large structures. I love my profession, in all its facets, from designing the most complex strategy to defending the most trivial injustices by wearing the toga. I always make my best efforts. I confess myself as an unconditional fan of Apple, and for the purpose of overcoming the stress that our profession may entail, I do practice sports, family life and occasionally I give long film sessions to myself as a present.

“We must transmit serenity and confidence as in the end it is what the client is looking for in a lawyer”

Anna Compte

Commercial Law
Civil Contracts
Corporate Conflicts

More about Anna
After working for several law firms where I trained myself in Civil and Commercial law fields, I developed the last years of my professional career in BDO, as account manager, and cooperating with the team of mergers and acquisitions, and also in Duran-Sindreu, as Director of the Commercial Law Department. In 2013 I decided to start working on my own and, after what I have learned, exercising the profession under the values in which I believe.

I love being a lawyer but my other passion is teaching, and the UOC (Open University of Catalonia) allows me developing it for more than twelve years, serving as a professor in matters relating to commercial law and in the Legal Advice Masters. I like offering a personalized and close service as well as getting deeply involved in the issues and the clients so that they feel supported and safe.

My hobbies are going back to my hometown, on the Costa Brava, whenever I can and there getting away from the daily workload enjoying with my family; also getting pleasure from the sea; profiting a nice dinner with some friends and, above all, meeting my son Alex’s smile in the morning or when I get home after a day of work.

“The lawyer’s worth is not assessed for his knowledge but for his ingenuity and skills in using all his knowledge in his favour”

Elisabet Gratti

Civil law
Individual’s right, family and inheritance law
Contracts and negotiation

More about Elisabet
My professional career began in 2002 when I got a scholarship as civil law professor at the University of Barcelona. In 2006 I became professor at the Open University of Catalonia. I combined that job with working as a private company lawyer until 2014, when I decided to leave teaching and exercising law on my own, by specialising myself in Individual’s Right, Family and Inheritance Law. What I like most about my profession is dealing directly with the clients and their confidence deposited on me.

Every client is unique and every case means a new challenge to me.
My biggest hobby is spending time with my three children and my antidote to de-stress myself is one hour of sport a day and reading.

”Overall compromise with the defence of our clients’ interests”

Amaia Beltran

Civil Law
Procedure Law

More about Amaia
I got my Law Degree by the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and I work as a lawyer since 2000. After working for several lawyers’ offices, and going through a multidisciplinary training, with the versatility that brings feeling comfortable in several branches of law, in recent years I have specialised in civil and procedure law fields, with a special focus on counselling and resolving disputes before court and out of court. I have complemented the daily exercise of law in court with teaching, as I have been teaching, among others, at the Open University of Catalonia.

Open and accessible personality, but also a strong will, I can ensure a total commitment to the defence of the interests of my clients.

”Lawyers must adapt to a new society and to new technologies”

Ricardo Estellés

Criminal and Civil Procedure Law
Criminal Law

More about Ricardo
After studying my Law Degree in Madrid and a Postgraduate in Criminology in Rome, I made my training with the Superior Body of State Lawyers. In Barcelona I started my professional career working for legal boutiques specialised in civil and criminal procedure law, before moving on to work at Garrigues. I complemented my education with a Masters in ESADE and a Masters in the Garrigues Studies Centre. I am a vocational lawyer since childhood and a real passionate about criminal law.

I am a sports lover, which brings me values such as discipline, perseverance and effort, which I also apply to my profession. I love swimming in the open sea, diving, running, triathlon and practicing Crossfit. I am married and I have two beautiful daughters who are my true devotion.

“I do try to deal with my clients’ issues as if they were my own”

Marta Soto

Criminal Procedure Law
Criminal Law

More about Marta
After obtaining my law degree and conducting postgraduate studies at the University Pompeu Fabra, I started in 2001 my professional career in one of the more renowned and prestigious criminal law firms of the city of Barcelona, with the criminal lawyer and doctor Mr. Antonio Viader Vives as my mentor. I was specialising myself there for several years until I decided to become professionally independent.

I have completed specialization in economic criminal law, penitentiary law and domestic violence offences, in addition to count on the mandatory authorization to exercise my profession in criminal proceedings against minors.

During my years of practice I have assumed the legal counsel of all types of criminal cases, many of them with public importance, in defence of both the interests of large corporations in crimes related to their business and the interests of individuals.

I am a vocational professional lawyer and in my profession, as in my life, apart from being honest, committed and conscientious, I do try to deal with my clients’ issues as if they were my own.

I love the sea, travelling, photography and essentially enjoying my time with my little big family.

“The lawyer is a creative and passionate human being who puts his original work at the client’s disposal”

Ger Gacio

Intellectual Property

More about Ger
I started in the world of law practice as a trainee working for the lawyers’ office VEGA SALA in Barcelona in 2001. After studying a BA Interpreting and Translation Degree to quench my passion for languages, in 2004 I joined the multidisciplinary law firm JAUSAS, in which I contributed to the consolidation of its International Department of Civil and Commercial law. In 2007 I jumped into the business world, by leading the establishment and consolidation of internal legal services of the Teatre Lliure de Barcelona Foundation for almost 8 years. There I specialized in the field of intellectual property, surrounded by live performing arts and the arts of movement.
I am currently working on my own and I love protecting the creativity of the human being in all its facets.
I am passionate about singing, dancing and energetic therapies and I enjoy applying all that I learn with the practice of said activities to my professional life.

“Today’s companies need a lawyer with economic rigor and market knowledge”

Juan Torrecilla

Insolvency Law
Commercial Law
Civil and Commercial Procedure

More about Juan
Graduated in Law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with specialty in Business.

Currently pursuing a Master in Business Law of ICAB.

In my work and academic experience, I have deepened the economic and legal relationship required by today’s company, trying to offer our clients a legal service that allows them to face excellence in the market.

Specialized commercial advice and litigation under my Lawyer’s robe are the essence that makes me feel devotion for our profession.

In love with my native Seville, my girlfriend, my friends and our bar conversations, in which I usually display how “colchonero” I am.

“Customer satisfaction and work well done is my main job objective”

Cristina Cabau

Administration Department

More about Cristina
My career began in 1999, working in administrative departments of various companies.

During all these years the management and attention to the client has been my main task, trying to reach its maximum satisfaction making mine their own problems and looking for fast and effective solutions.

Familiar, passionate about cult series and psychology, specifically the area of ​​human resources, facets to which I dedicate much of my free time along with small trips to any corner of the world.

“Constant innovation is necessary for customers to feel effective management and the accessibility is agile and real”.

Francisco Osorio

Community Manager

More about Francisco
I am passionate about new technologies and I try to be always aware of the new tools that allow us to be close and accessible with our clients. I also feel very comfortable with new forms of communication especially with social networks and online marketing.

In my beginnings as an administrator in several Pymes I paid special attention to customer service and accounting. In Auris Advocats I have developed especially in this field with the management and resolution of administrative tasks of individuals, micro-companies, Pymes and non-profit associations.

My objective is to reconcile my work and continue training by consolidating knowledge, learning in new fields and languages. I’m looking for free spaces to cultivate my hobbies: art, cinema and sports with my partner and friends.